Synthesis on Amazon Fire TV Stick (part 2)

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In previous article of this series, we recommend you necessary apps when using Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. In this part, there are software that I am using for entertainment purposes: watching movie online, music, … You can download directly on AFTV by going to App – Entertainment. Or simply search on computer and send cloud to AFTV.

–Β  youtube: http://www.amazon.com/youtube-com-YouTube/dp/B00I0GS2SS. World’s Biggest video storage is an essential app on any platform.

–Β  AllConnect for Fire TV: link download. The software connects music, movies and photos from your phone to AFTV by sharing. Most can share all image information on Android phone to AFTV. Similar to Miracast, but more stable and more light, no lag shock because AFTV load directly, not through Android smartphone.

–Β  Tubi TV: link download. HD movie channels sub English with Many free movies. But most are old movies.

–Β  Pluto TV: link download. Composite channel has catalogies on youtube, from music to movies. Works seamlessly and has an hourly schedule, suitable for tracking hot programs on youtube without choosing.

–Β  Vevo for TV: link download. a copyright channel is free. If you use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App search function foreign singers, it will fly into this Vevo to see the video clip you like. Sooner or later it must be installed.

–Β  PlayTo: link download .This is a very powerful software streaming formats to AFTV.it likes browser sharing filfm. That means no matter what format you are watching the videos on your web browser. PlayTo opens and streams that video / music file comfortably. Even if you are watching movies from a NAS on the browser, it will be accepted without .mkv support software.

Guide to install XBMC / Kodi

  • First step is going to Settings at the bottom of the main screen and then in the order

Setting – System – Developer Options. You Turn On 2 ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown. Then exit and reset AFTV.

  • Next go to Setting – System – About – Network. Remember the Ip Address range again. Usually 192.168.xx.xx.
  • Then you go to the adbfire program that you downloaded before. Enter the IP range on the box and hit connect. It’s done. You can install the .apk app on AFTV and use it

Or do not like using abdfire, you can use apps2fire to push software on android into AFTV and use.

To use this unofficial sideapp, you must go to Settings – Applications – manage all installed applications and then to the app you want.

For example, you cannot use remote with setop box. You need using wukong to point the mouse click on the computer.

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