The beauty effective secrets every woman should know (part 1)

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The beauty effective secrets will save your time but still bring unexpected effects in your work of beauty care every day.

Put the cleansing liquid at of the bed

Going to bed with makeup on the face will cause acne and skin irritation. if you are too tired and intend to go to bed without having time to wash your face makeup, Putting the cleansing liquid at the top of the bed will help you to remember removing make-up before sleeping.

Cover the error of nail polish with by using stone

The best way to cover up your imperfections is to use small stones or pieces of purl on your finger like image. They not only have long lasting durability but also give glittering effect to your fingers.

Use a hair dryer to dry the lotion

If you can’t have enough patient for body cream, toner or sunscreen to dry completely so that you can not start applying your make-up, a hairdryer will be the savior for you in this case. Certain skin care products, such as toners or sunscreen, need to be completely dry and infiltrate your skin before you start your makeup and the hair dryer can accelerate the absorption of the skin with these skin care products.

Use lipstick to make up

if you feel too lazy to make-up but you are afraid of your skin look lifeless and pale, you just need a wonderful lipstick and draw along your cheekbone, forehead and lips, then spread out with your fingers. They will help you get a rosy look and full of vitality.

Contour and highlight the face with Principle #3

Contour and highlighting faces has never been so easy with Principle 1, 2 and 3. To highlight your face, you just need to use highlight powder having tone of 2 tone brighter than your face’s tone and draw number 3 with the top starting at the eyebrow, the middle of the 3 lying on the cheekbones and the tail end at the jaw line.

To contour, use a concealer with tone are darker 2 tones than your skin tone and draw a reversed number 3(like the shape of the letter E), starting at the center of the forehead, with the middle at the cheekbones and tail are located just below the jaw line. Then use your hands or brush to spread out for a perfect make-up.

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