The beauty effective secrets every woman should know (part 2)

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Do you try these beauty tips on the previous article of this series? Let’s find out the remaining beauty effective secrets to become a master of beauty care.

Use a cotton swab to wipe the error of eyeliner

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You practice using eyeliner and you missed your hands, using a cotton swab with a little petroleum jelly to wipe off the ugly line of the eyeliner on your face.

Use mascara instead of eyeliner gel

You do not finish makeup and your eyeliner gels are gone out from. Use a small eyeliner brush with a few black inks from mascara and use them as your eyeliner gel.

Smokey eyes by cotton swabs

You can change daytime makeup style into a make-up style at night with a simple eyeline to have seductive eyes just by using a cotton swab to lightly spread out the eyeline. The inks will suffuse.

Makes eyes bigger with white eyeliner

Use a white eyeliner, or a nude color to draw a line directly below your lower eyelid. This little trick not only helps to make your eyes look bigger but also gives you a sparkling and lively eye.

Keep your hair curled by this trick

Want to keep your fake curly hair one day more? Just roll the hair back and fix it with the toothpick. In The next morning, you will have a wonderful curly hair. Or you can braid your hair and let it stay overnight to have nice natural curls when waking up. Remember not to tuck your hair too tightly to prevent hair loss.

Fix the dirty part of the hair with baby powder

The back of your hair is perfectly fine but the bangs are sticky. You can repair simply your dirty hair by tilting the back hair up and just washing the hair and drying it. If you are too lazy to wash your hair, just spray a little baby powder on the top of your head, and flip back the bangs and brush until the white powder disappears. Baby powder helps to suck away excess oil in your hair and rescues you from dirty hair.

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