The essential settings you need to know on Facebook (part 1)

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You often use facebook, there are many dangerous things when you do with facebook app, facebook link, facebook full website. Here are some settings, which will protect you.

  1. Notify when logging in from strange device

Before activating this section, users need to go to the Account Settings section, select the Mobile tab to declare the phone number associated with the Facebook account. Then go to the Security tab, click on Login Notifications, check Text message / Push notification (get notified by phone message and notify right on Facebook if user is online).

If you had did step, every device when logged into Facebook account will appear a message with two options is “Do not Save” or “Save Device”. If it is the first time a device is used to sign in to Facebook, then there will be a notification message, no matter which option you choose. However, if you choose “Save Device” then the following logins will be considered valid and no longer notice. Therefore, users should regularly censor the “Recognized Devices” list to know the device ever validated in Facebook validated, if the device is strange, then click Remove to delete. In addition, the Active Sessions catalog shows the most recent log sessions, from which you can see which devices have logged in at any time, even those that are not authenticated. In addition, the user just click “End Session” to log out of the Facebook account from the other device.

  1. Enable double layer security

Similar to many other services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail … Facebook also has a two-layer security feature to provide a stronger protection for the user’s account. Accordingly, instead of just entering a login password, the user must enter a different code when logging in from a device that is not in the authentication list.

First, you check “Login Approvals” in the “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers” check box. Then click “Get Started”, select the type of phone you are using (if not your Android or iOS smartphone, select Other), click Continue. At this time, there will be a message from Facebook sent to the phone, enter the code in the box “Alternate Security Code Delivery”, then click Continue again. Done, click Close.

The above action is to agree to use the user’s phone number to receive the authentication code. Later, if you are logged on to a device that is not on the “Recognized Devices” list, you must have your phone with you to receive a two-tier security login credentials.

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