The essential settings you need to know on Facebook (part 2)

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If two previous settings do not make you feeling safe. Let’s check following settings to protect your Facebook account.

  1. Block “bad” accounts

In order to avoid spammers, users should look at the “Mutual Friends” list and see their Timeline (if you do not know them already) before making a friend. However, if there are “unfriendly” Facebook accounts in your friends list, go to the Blocking tab, enter your account name or email address in the “Block users” box, hit Block. Later, it can be unblocked with the Remove option after the corresponding account name in the list below. There is also a group called “Block app invites” that allows users to block those who frequently send invitations to Facebook’s “chatter” applications.

  1. Turn off notification of sound

Recently, Facebook has added sound when the notification. However, this feature may distract your current job, as well as distract people around you. So, users can turn it off by going to the Notifications tab, clicking “On Facebook” in the “How You Get Notifications” group, unchecking ” Play a sound when each new notification is received “, then “save changes”

  1. Prevent the virus spread through the chat

There are many virus on facebook link.Users should also turn off the chat mode (Turn Off Chat) if you do not want to receive messages sent from the account is logged on the machine automatically spread virus through Facebook. In addition, you should also change the account password after a period of use.

  1. Check the privacy of Facebook

If you want to check the security of your Facebook account, or review setup guidances for your account, you can install and use the Trend Micro Titanium 2013 utility. On the main interface of Titanium 2013, you go to the Privacy tab, turned On for “Facebook Privacy Scanner”. Then, click on Check my Facebook privacy settings.

At this time, the default browser of the system will automatically show up with the Facebook home page, if not logged in, the user must declare the account. Next, click “Check My Privacy” or select “Check Facebook privacy” from the add-ons available on the browser toolbar. In the resulting output, click See Results to see more security-enhanced settings, and users hover over the exclamation mark to see the change hint.

In addition, Titanium 2013 also protects Facebook users in real time. Accordingly, the links shared on the Facebook page in particular and the web browser in general will be controlled by this utility. As for Facebook, Titanium 2013 can support sending unsolicited feeds to people who share unsafe paths or may contain danger code for them to know and do not click on.

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