Things make everyone hate you on Facebook

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Are you getting tired of Facebook or at least some of your friends’ behavior on it? There is no denying that Facebook is now one of the most popular social networks on the planet, with more than 1 billion active users. And along with that widespread popularity, we cannot ignore some of the misbehavior of a single user segment, including accidental and intentional misconduct.

If you read this article and you see yourself in there, one or more bad behaviors on Facebook, then it’s a good idea to stop doing it before something happens. It is your friends bore and hate.

  1. Tag photos indiscriminately

This is one of the most common behaviors on the FB, often used by spammers to get people’s attention to their photos, primarily to make certain their business goals. However, there are also people who try to tag their friends on irrelevant pictures just for fun. Even people who are tagged are not close friends, sometimes they have never known each other in real life. And usually a one-time tag that does not get annoying response from tagged people, taggers will consider it a sign of approval for the next tag.

How to deal with indiscriminate tag? Politely then you can send them a message and say that you do not like them, and they should stop this annoying thing. There are also straight people choose the way unfriend to avoid being battered thoroughly.

  1. Post an article on all of their social network pages

This will make everyone feel like there is not much to say, but still want to attract attention. Similar posts posted in the form Β«viaΒ» will appear at the same time on their Twitter, FB, Google+, etc.

  1. Self-like photos posted by yourself

Have you just shared a picture of yourself that you think is extremely beautiful on your FB? That is so good! But again, you also like that photo always? Everyone knows that you have to focus on it to choose to post it already. However, for many, they do so with a “motive”, which is self-like will make the picture appear again on the News Feed of friends. By doing it, they will create a highlight and if the photo is for business purposes, they have been successful.

  1. Invite new page

People have business needed to be widely advertised, FB is an ideal environment. By a fanpage, you can post news and product pictures of your service on it and then invite your friends to like to keep up with what you post.

However, rather than offering invitations, you should take care your FanPage. Why do not you choose to post interesting, interesting articles and then share them on your personal FB page so that friends will see them and decide for themselves whether they like the page or not? This way can slow down the fan, but it will ensure you have a loyal fan base, not the “forced” fans, they just want to press the Unlike button.

  1. Invite friend to play the App

Surfing FB all day just to play a Farmville game that was not something very good. So when you finish playing, you should not invite your friends to do the same thing. A lot of people are annoyed and annoyed when they open the notification just for games or using such applications. So if you have a game on FB then just play it, it’s your interesting. And if the game asks if you want to invite more people, please click the Skip button.

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