Things should not be shown on Facebook (part 3)

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Sometimes there is an accident, but the consequences of “showing” the personal information to Facebook is not controlled. This article will list 5 remain things can bring danger to you.

  1. Countdown time to prepare for vacation

The CBSMoneyWatch.com website warns people that information like how long the holiday countdown is prepared for vacation and how long vacation information is quite dangerous. Situations like “Countdown to the day of departure, two more days, California, we’re here” or “About a week in Long Beach” will be messages to the thieves. You can post the image to Facebook when you return if you want. But before you go, do not invite criminals to your home by telling you when you leave home.

  1. Name of your children

The simulators are also targeted at children. “You should not mark – tags the names of your children in the photo or the photo title. If someone does this, you should remove it using the Remove Tag” button. If your child is not on Facebook and someone posts their name in the photo caption, contact them to ask him or her to remove it, “Consumer Reports said.

  1. Your favorite hobby

Information about your risky adventures or photos of you surfing high with cars, flying on rolling hills … can put you in trouble with insurance companies. In addition, many criminals are now turning to high-tech gadgets like Google Street View and Facebook to identify the target audience.

  1. Information of your house

You should not post pictures of how to decorate your home or valuables in your home on Facebook.

  1. Personal information appears on the search page

Do you want your personal information on Facebook to appear on Google search? If not, you need to prevent personal information from appearing on search engine results. The Consumer Reports page advises that you should block this to “protect your account from strangers’ access.”

To change this privacy setting go to the custom gear button select Privacy Preferences, then choose to disable links from other search engines to your account in the Who can search me? (With the English interface you have to go to Privacy Settings and select Off in the Who can look me up? )

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