Top 10 cheap mascaras in 2017

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Although they are very cheap prices mascaras, they are as effective as high-end mascara. Iโ€™m sure that you will have a beauty face with these mascaras.

Investing money to buy high-end cosmetics is not wrong, but according to the experience of beauty bloggers, there’s a thing you should not spend a lot of money on. That is the mascara. Firstly, the average lifespan of mascara is only about 3 months, so whether you buy something expensive or cheap, you can not use it too long. Moreover, there are many types of mascara on the market, cheap price but quality is equivalent, even better than high-end.

To prove this, Loni Venti tried out herself 50 cheap mascaras and finally found the 10 best.

  1. CoverGirl Plumpify BlastPro by LashBlast Mascara – 12 USD

CoverGirl Plumpify BlastPro, beauty face

Loni especially appreciates the brushes of this mascara. It fits nicely with your lashes, just brush once, your wrist has increased significantly. Moreover, it has long drifted and kept bending all day long.

  1. Rimmel London ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara – 5 USD

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara, beauty face

Because of intelligent brush design, Rimmel’s mascara makes licking of lashes very quick and easy. After clamping eyelash and drawing 2-layer mascara, her eyelid suddenly changed completely. In addition, this product is dry also quite fast.

  1. Maybelline New York Volum ‘Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara – $ 5

Mascara beauty face

Loni confessed that buying this mascara was one of her best decisions. Not only helps thick, curvy but also this product has the ability to waterproof and keep you nice all the day. In particular, it does not make me heavy, uncomfortable.

  1. L’Orรฉal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara – 9 USD

beauty face

It can be said that this is one of the best two-headed mascara. After completing the primer step, Loni continued to use the remaining head to scrub the eyelash. As a result, she has the perfect eyelash.

  1. Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara – $ 9

mascara beauty face

This is the top smallest mascaras, of course, it not small as the mini mascara. Therefore, it can give you a natural, not too curvy or crooked. It will suit your daily makeup style.

  1. Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara – 8 USD

If you need a super curvy, thick and long curly mascara to go to parties or important events, this will be a great product. Besides, you can also stack multiple layers of mascara on your eyelash without fear of heavy eye or lumps.

  1. Wet ‘n Wild Mega Impact Mascara – 4 USD

Compared to the price of 4 USD, Loni judged that this product is excellent, completely inversely proportional to the price.

  1. Maybelline New York The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara – 6 USD

The highlight of this mascara is the flexible brush head, which can enter each corner of the eyelash, so your eyelash curls up after only 2 brushes. In addition, the ability to separate the eyelash of this product is fine, you will not get stuck together but very natural.

  1. CoverGirl The Super Sizer By LashBlast Mascara – 6 USD

Due to the thin brush, not too thick so this type of mascara is suitable for people who like natural makeup, not fancy. However, if you need to go big events and have a make-up makeover, Loni does not really recommend this product.

  1. L’Orรฉal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara – 9 USD

This is one of the best eyelashes Loni has ever tried. You do not need to brush too much, your eye still automatically attractive.

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