Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks to increase your productivity!

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What’s going on guys, as always another amazing tech week is passed away, and I know you guys are waiting for me to come with something cool. Probably most of you know what is this episode is about, I mean maybe you guys have been already sawing the thumbnail and title of this post.

So, yes! This tip is about Google Chrome, and for those who want to increase their productivity with their chrome. You know what, right from the beginning, Google chrome aimed to be a simple and user-friendly browser. I think that’s the main reason, why most of us are love chrome as a browser.

Even though Google Chrome has some advanced features or ability, other than just browsing the web. That you may or may not be known before. Let’s sneak in to some of those advanced features, hidden away behind the scenes. So let’s start countdown, our Top 10 Google chrome tips and tricks to increase your productivity. Stay tuned.

# 1. Use Your Google Chrome As a Calculator.

The Google Chrome Omnibox can act as a calculator.

We can just type in the calculation, and in the auto-suggestion, the result will appear.

So let’s try something simple. What about #####&%*$ Just kidding guy, let try 1000 plus 1001 subtract 1, and boom! Bellow is the result.

In the same way, we can also do conversions. Just type what you want to convert and you can see the result.

For example 30% of 100. You can see it with your two eyes. So that a cool feature though.

# 2. Use Your Google Chrome As Image a Viewer.

You can use Google Chrome as an image viewer. Because Google Chrome will support most of the image formats.

So you can Just drag & drop any image file directly to your Chrome to have a quick look, just like this.

# 3. Use your Google chrome as a media player.

Well, that pretty much great deal, as you know you can watch online videos, audios, photos on your Google Chrome as well as any other web browser out there.

But here you can play anything you have on your computer whether offline or online, literally any video, audio, photo files.

Just drag the particular file to the chrome, and there you go, it is paying.

# 4. You can use Google Chrome for the quick note.

You can open a text editor in your browser. We can take notes in it easily.

Forgetting to the text editor on your Google Chrome, all you gonna wanna do is.

  data:text/html,<html contenteditable>

So just copy and paste it into your Chrome address bar and press enter.

Now as you can see we are now on the text editor. So let’s type something, see it’s great!

# 5. You can Pin Your Frequently Used Tabs.

Pin your favorite tabs to save space on your tab bar without losing quick access to your favorite pages.

You can see we have pined number of tabs here, which would have normally consumed our tab bar.

We can actually access them very quick, as well as it is only using very small space.

# 6. You can Learn more about the sites you visit.

You may not have given much thought to the little icon to the left of the Omnibox address bar, which can look like a padlock or a blank sheet of paper depending on your site, you’re currently visiting.

If you click on it, you can see a wealth of information about the page you’re on, including the security credentials, the origin of the site, the permissions you’ve previously granted it, like full screen mode and the existing cookies stored by the site.

# 7. Google Chrome Task Manager.

Chrome has its own Task Manager, it shows you a list of all the open tabs, and the background processes running in the browser at the moment, along with a number of system resources they’re using up.

Google Chrome Task Manager

You’ll find the Task Manager most useful when you’re trying to troubleshoot problems with the browser, and you can quickly close down a tab or process by highlighting it and clicking End Process. To Open Task Manager on Google Chrome, we have 3 different way.

  • # 1 You can Press Shift + Esc key on your keyboard,
  • # 2 You can right click on the upper side of the chrome, I mean somewhere like this, and from the right-click menu you can click on task manager.
  • # 3, It is the proper way to launch the task manager on Google Chrome. So, go to the upper right side of the chrome, now click on the hamburger menu. Now go to more tools, from here you will see the task manager option. Just click on it, and it will launch the Google Chrome task manager, just like this! If you want to get real geeky, click the stats for nerds, somewhere bottom of the Task Manager and you will see it!

# 8. You can use the autofill feature.

Use the Chrome autofill feature for automatically filling out an online form with common fields such as your name, e-mail, address, etc.

To enter the autofill values. You gonna wanna go to the menu on the top right side of your chrome.

Now go to settings, Scroll all the way down, and you will find this ‘show advanced settings‘ hyperlink. Just click on it.

It will show you the advanced option. Scroll again a little bit downwards.

Now click on “Manage autofill settings” and you will see this, from here you can add your information, by just click on this ‘add street address settings‘ button.

Now enter your details, and that’s it! If you do so, from there on, the autofill literally fills everything.

For example: If you go to any forms or any signup procedures. It will automatically fill everything up for your, every detail.

So let’s say this feature will definitely gonna boost your productivity to the next level.

# 9. You can Double-click on word definitions.

Browser extensions can add all kinds of functionality to Chrome browser, of course, but one of the best we’ve ever come across and one we use every day is the Google Dictionary utility.

It will bring you to this page directly, and from here you can click on this and to chrome button.

Now it will ask you confirmation, as always, just click on the additional extension. And that it, once you installed it successfully, you can double-click on a word inside Google Chrome on any site, to get a definition in a pop-up window, together with a link that leads to more information if you need it.

It’s invaluable for those times when you want to know what a word means without interrupting your workflow.

In addition, you can use Ddict Translate. It’s very useful!

# 10. Enable guest browsing on chrome!

If someone wants to borrow your laptop but you’re not keen on him or her messing around with your Facebook account or seeing the URLs that come up as suggestions in the Omnibox.

The answer to this problem is the guest mode, which you can activate via the Enable Guest browsing.

For that, you can go to the menu, just click on it, and from here, click on settings as you can see how we are on the Google chrome settings page, and here you will find a section called “people”.

Now, all you gonna wanna do is, check this option called, enable guest browsing.

That’s it now you successfully activated your guest browsing mode, so feel free for someone using your laptop from now on!

If you wanna get rid of the guest browsing, simply uncheck the enable guest browsing option anytime you want.

So that all for today. I think we already cover the top ten productivity boost tips and trick for chrome, So it’s time to wind up.

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