How to unblock blocked websites | In Google chrome

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What’s going on guys, we are back with another tech tutorial, and today we gonna be show you a most use the full trick of all time, in any internet users life. How to unblock any blocked websites forever.

This method is free, easy, and you can use this method to access any websites, blocked in your country, campus, or even in your workplace forever. Literally, you can visit any blocked website out there. Using this method, no matter where you from or who your service provider, as well as it will protect your security and privacy as well.

Before we start, I have to tell something. This method is only for Google Chrome users, so If you are not a Google Chrome user yet. In my opinion, Chrome is the best place to surf the web, and it is my favorite! That why I doing the first video on this topic, with my beloved Google chrome, So let’s get started, stay tuned!

Launch your Google Chrome, and go to this website.

Once you are here, you will see this amazing extension for chrome, which is Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet, as you can see we are officially at the Google web store, so there is no worry about using this extension as well its official and it’s specially built for Google Chrome.

To download this extension, you gonna wanna click on the blue button ‘add to chrome’. Now it will ask you for confirmation. Click this add extension button from here, and now you can see it is started to downloading and it is automatically installed.

Now you will see the installed extension, at the top right side of your Google Chrome, just click on it.

And you will see something drop down just like this, and here you will see a ‘connect button’ just Click on it, and now we are connected!

You can always connect or disconnect from here anytime you want! Just by clicking on this button or you can just leave it as connected, that what I prefer!

Now time to try out the blocked websites, and see if it’s unblocked or not.

So that’s how you can unblock any blocked website forever, on your Google chrome!

Cheers guys have a good one, catch you guys again soon for the next. Peace out!

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