Useful tips for Facebook user (part 2)

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On Facebook, you can manage information sharing with people easily so that the information is limited in sharing as you want, avoid nuisance later. Let’s find some useful facebook tips in following options.

  1. Configure friend updates or page on News Feed

If someone or a page you want to see first in your News Feed, you can pick them easily through the Facebook mobile app.

To do this, click More, select Settings, and then select the News Feed Preferences. With friends and pages that you have marked first preference will see a small blue star next to the post in the News Feed.

  1. Teach everyone to pronounce the correct name

For those who pronounce your name wrong, you can teach them on Facebook. If you want to do this, when adjusting your profile on the desktop, go to Details About You under the About section to get started. You can also add a nickname to your name when shown next to the profile page.

  1. Distinguish between “friends” and “followers” on Facebook

There are two ways you can connect with someone on Facebook: becoming friends with them, and following them.

In case you become a friend of someone means that the person has accepted the connection with you, and may know about you, so the articles they share with friends can show up on Your news feed.

When someone follows you, they will only see the posts that you share in the public. You can disable the ability to allow people to follow you at any time by setting in the Follow section of the installation on Facebook.

  1. Hide shared posts for specific people

Your Facebook posts can be shared with friends, friends of your friends or anyone viewing your profile.

However, you can select the sharing option for each specific user through the drop-down menu at the top right of the post. Open the mobile app, select Edit Privacy and choose one of the options. Also on desktop, just click the thumbnail friend or the globe icon next to the timestamp of the post.

In addition, if you want all your friends to be able to view the post, but limited to specific people, you can choose to hide it from specific people by selecting Friends except … on the mobile app, or Custom on the desktop.

  1. View individual profiles as non-friends

This is a useful feature where you can see the content on the personal page displayed in the view of others, including personal friends that you may have hidden certain information in the past.

When you log into Facebook on the desktop site, go to your profile page, click the three dots, and then select View as …

  1. Hide your friends list with everyone, except you

If for some reason you do not want people to see who is being a friend on your Facebook account, you can hide it completely.

From the friends list on the desktop, click on the pen icon and then select Edit Privacy. At this section, you can change who can see your friends list, who you follow and who follows you.

  1. Hide friend relationship status

Sometimes the status of your friend’s relationship on Facebook can be harmful to you or the person you have a relationship with. Fortunately, Facebook can prevent the ability to change the display relationship on the News Feed page, not allowing anyone to see except you. This means the change is not visible in your friends’ News Feed.

To do this, when editing your profile, under the Family and Relationships section, change the private filter to the Only Me status.

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