Useful tips for Facebook user (part 3)

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In this article, we will learn more about how to master the features of Facebook notifications to avoid distractions, as well as limit the audience to see the content. some tips can not be used on Facebook app.

  1. Hide specific photo albums and posts

If you have a photo album that you do not want people to see, but do not want to delete them completely, you can hide them so that only you can see them on Facebook. This is similar to the events of your life, whether it is a change of relationship, new job or whatever.

Just pay attention to the small gray icon next to a photo album or article. If the icon displayed is two small people next to each other means that the content can be seen by your friend, the globe has a public meaning, and the locks mean that only you can see it.

  1. Block a person

If someone usually spam your Facebook with the message, or simply want to make sure they can not see your profile, go to their profile page and click the three dots button on the right. Then select Block.

  1. See where you are logging in to Facebook and exit from afar

From Facebook’s mobile application, select Settings> Account Settings> Privacy and find the section of Where You’re Logged in. Click on X to exit remotely from any device or Facebook application you have logged into.

On the desktop site of Facebook, go to the security settings, find the section of Where You’re Logged in, you will see login activity information and you can stop them.

  1. Receive alerts every time you log in

Facebook offers Login Alerts and Login Approvals, which can be activated under secure settings both in mobile applications and the web.

You can choose to receive a notification from Facebook to your phone or email whenever someone logs in to your account. Login Approvals means that you will have to enter a secondary code sent to your phone when logging into Facebook on another phone.

  1. Unsubscribe from notifications of posts you have commented on

We can all make comments on an article but then regret, because you have to receive a series of messages after someone comments on the article.

You can completely exclude subscribers from any article. When receiving a message for a comment or liking a post on a Facebook site, click the X button in the upper right corner of the notification and then select Turn off.

To recovery, you can also enable notifications for activity on any article from the drop-down arrow to the right of the article.

  1. Avoid annoying messages

You can customize exactly what kinds of notifications you will receive from Facebook, including the event updates that you have entered.

The notifications that you receive can be customized on your desktop and facebook app separately. For example, on the desktop browser, go to the Notifications section and perform the custom.

  1. Turn off reminders for birthdays

Facebook has the function of reminding you of your Facebook friends’ birthdays every day, which can make you feel uncomfortable when repeatedly bothered.

However, you can completely get rid of these annoying notices by visiting the notification set up at https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=notifications and change the sidebar option (OFF ) at Birthday item.

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