Useful tips for Facebook users (Part 1)

The lightning icon next to the article

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More than a billion people use Facebook every day, but not everyone can master facebook tips and tricks to optimize the experience on facebook application.

  1. Save to view later

If there is something interesting on your News Feed but you do not have time to watch it, you can save it for later. Click the drop down arrow next to the content and select Save link, which includes bookmarks, videos, pictures, locations …

Save to view late
Save to view late

You can see that on the Save section of the Facebook profile, or appear when you click the More button in the mobile application.

  1. Use animations as your avatar

From the Facebook mobile app, select your profile picture and then select Take a New Profile Vide to upload a short video. The result is an avatar that looks like a GIF animation.

  1. The lightning icon next to the article

It’s an icon for instant social networking content that’s loaded directly into the iPhone’s device, also known as Instant Articles. According to Facebook, content published in the Instant Articles format will have a 10x faster upload speed.

The lightning icon next to the article
The lightning icon next to the article
  1. Turn off spontaneous video in News Feed

If you do not want Facebook videos to play automatically when you glide through them in your personal News Feed, be sure to turn off this setting..

Under the right tab in the mobile Facebook app, click Settings and then select Account Settings. Choose Videos and Photos. You can choose to automatically play videos when using mobile and Wi-Fi connections, or Wi-Fi only, or never.

  1. Unfollow the people who appear on the News Feed without unfriend

If you do not want to see someone’s posts in the News Feed but not enough courage to completely unfriend them, you can undo the track to hide their activities.

From the profile of someone in Facebook’s mobile app, type in their Followers avatar and select Unfollow to get rid of their posts completely. On the computer browser, click the drop-down arrow on the right, Follow, and select Unfollow to cancel the track.

  1. See activity this day last year

Facebook offers the On This Day feature that allows you to see your social networking activity on the same day years ago. Think of it as a personal memorial reminder on Facebook.

You can access the On This Day feature by visiting the β€œhttp://facebook.com/onthisday”. Facebook also allows you to hide certain people from showing up in On This Day activity. However, not everyone can use the On This Day feature, and you will receive a notification saying the feature is not available.

  1. Review everything you have liked, shared and commented on in the past

The Facebook Activity Log will display all of your activities on this social network. You can easily access this activity history profile with the mobile app as well as on the web version.


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