Useful tips for Facebook users (part 4)

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The content of the article will guide you how to master the News Feed Facebook timeline, as well as how to solve the existing data when quitting Facebook.

  1. Receive notification when someone updates status

If you want to control someone’s Facebook activity, you can get a warning every time they share something.

Just click the Friends drop-down menu from their profile on Facebook in the desktop browser and select Get Notifications as done.

  1. Search for post / image likes / comments from specific audiences

Sometimes you can not spend time to surf her/him Facebook to search for articles and images that a specific audience makes, so you can do a search for this content through the search term Of Facebook. For example, looking for a status of interest from a person named KAn, you type in the search content is “posts liked by KAn”.

  1. Search for specific keywords and topics, not just profiles and pages

Facebook allows you to search more than a person profile. Everything publicly shared on social networks is searchable, meaning that if you search for something like James Bond or iPhone 7, you can see related articles from sources, friends and other pages.

  1. Make a list of separate groups of friends, like classmates, colleagues …

Specifying groups in your friends list can be helpful for you to filter what people are saying in your News Feed. For example, you might want to see all the things that people from your hometown share, or friends from the university.

Facebook creates a list of friends by default based on the general link, whether it’s the same country, school … On Facebook’s desktop site, you can view all your friends’ lists. from https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists and add objects to it. This creates special target groups on Facebook.

  1. Make a brief description

Facebook allows you to create a brief description of yourself showing up on your other profile information, such as city, job, or relationship status.

With this brief description, you can edit it anytime from the profile page through the Facebook site on the browser and facebook application. Note that you can use emoji to update these short descriptions.

  1. “Use” an article or comment

This means that not only can you delete it at any time, but you can also edit them.

Just click the drop down arrow to the right of one of your posts on the desktop browser and then click “Edit Post”. When viewing one of your comments click on the small pencil icon on the right to edit or delete the article.

To edit or delete a comment from the Facebook app on your mobile device, just hold down the comment before you make your preferences.

  1. Say goodbye to Facebook? Download all your data

In the last case, when you feel Facebook is too ‘boring’ and want to quit using it again, it’s best to lock it up.

But before you lock your account, you may want to take back your Facebook memories for later, or simply do not want to leave it all behind. Now you need to download Facebook data to the machine by going to the settings of Facebook, select General and click the link Download a copy of your Facebook data and wait for Facebook to send a link to your email.

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