Watching movie online and 7 other functions of android TV box

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TV Box have the advantages of Strong configuration, low cost, using easily. Specially it have thousands of entertainment applications from CH Play store. It will be a replacement for expensive Smart TVs that limited in features. The future of Android TV Box will be inevitable on watching movies online at home.

To understand and have a more holistic view, more in-depth evaluation of the features and quality of the product. You can watch the video on internet.

  • The first feature: Watch Free TV with huge number of TV channels, some HD channels, meet your family’s needs, you just need a good and stable network (6 Mbps package) You probably will not need to pay a monthly fee for using cable TV anymore.
  • The Second feature: Watch free HD movies online with the huge free HD movie library, updated daily on the popular movie application by British Store Store and selective.
  • Third feature: Mouse-controlled gaming. You can play popular games like Ninja Fruit, Angry Bird, Crush Saga, Candy Crush, Clash of Clan …Game control game with gamepad. You can play awesome games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4 … or great games like PES 2014, Dragon Ball …

  • The Fourth feature: Watch HD, 3D, ISO Bluray movies from external hard drive with brilliant image quality and 5.1 surround sound. That will be significant difference from watching movie online sites
  • The fifth Feature: Read newspapers, listen to music, surf the web, … You can do everything similar to use a computer.
  • The Sixth Feature: Karaoke singing, you can sing online or sing offline. With the offline karaoke app, you can collect your songs from karaoke discs or download from online sharing sources, many of which let you choose to sing along with the vocalist or sing no. The singer, in addition it can control to select the song from your phone.

  • The final feature: Customize your beautiful look as you like. You can use the unique animated wallpaper for your Android Box, install beautiful 3D interface, things when used on smartphone you see beautiful but afraid of battery life, and on Android Box you do not worry about it. Because it uses direct power, plugging in 24/24 also does not matter

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